About 8DI

Of all the threats to our way of life on this planet, the most gruesome and demoralizing will be the onset of massive outbreaks of the living dead.  Among the situations that destabalize our world–war, famine, global warming, and terrorism–it is the spreading of the undead virus that will have the strongest and most disturbing impact.  Our governments, military, and local authorities will be overcome by the hordes as they grow exponentially with each attack.  Our roadways and airports will become choked with the very lure that encourages the virus to spread–human flesh.  There is no escaping a pandemic that manifests itself through cannibalism and unmitigated murder.


Communications will fail due to the worldwide chaos that follows once the grim truth hits the television screens…while there is still a broadcast.  No nation will stand against the terror incited by mass murder between fathers and sons, grandparents and grandchildren, husbands and wives, priests and parishioners.  The fabric of our personal relationships that truly binds our communities will tear and the deadly truth that we have not prepared shall remain, merciless and blood soaked.

Fortunately, there are those that choose to take pre-emptive steps and are willing to challenge a fate of this kind as unacceptable.  There is a growing network of survivalists, scientists, para-military, and disaster analysts across the planet already taking steps to meet this threat head on.  We here at Eighth Day International commend this effort and are presently undertaking the challenge of coordinating these groups to further the survival rate for anyone willing to take their survival seriously.  Our organization is committed to providing families and individuals with the knowledge and options needed for piece of mind and, ultimately, survival.

Welcome to Eighth Day International.  On this site the tools you need for the inevitable disaster will be provided.  Here you will be able to find the news stories that point to the oncoming threat as well as read articles compiled by the best in the field.  More over, you will be given the opportunity to tap into the resources currently being assembled for the war.  Perhaps, most importantly, through this site you can prepare yourself with our SURVIVAL ASSURANCE POLICY (aka, zombie insurance.)  This policy will give you the confidence of knowing you will be taken care of when the inevitable becomes a godless, morbid reality.  This policy will be available beginning December, 2009.  Please, explore the site and find the answers to your questions and even the aswer to infection itself–8DI.

Thank you for taking your life into your own hands rather than suffer the fate of millions who are already in dead hands.