Fabled ‘Zombie Baby’ Might Be Real

What’s red, green & covered in ribbons?

A zombie baby playing with your intestines! 

(Don’t worry, 8DI didn’t make that up.  Our zombie baby jokes are too XXX.)

Right. Check out this associated press story…and if you live in New England, keep alert for the playful pitter-patter of tiny feet. 


Mummified baby missing from NH cemetery

Associated Press – May 4, 2010 3:15 PM ET

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – New Hampshire police say a mummified body of a baby that was kept by a family for years before a judge ordered the remains to be buried has been removed from a cemetery.

Concord police said Tuesday the corpse of “Baby John,” which had been buried at an unmarked grave at a Concord cemetery in 2008, has not been recovered. They say a visitor to the cemetery on Monday reported that a grave appeared to have been unearthed.

A lawyer for Charles Peavey, who last kept the mummified body, considered a family heirloom, says police searched Peavey’s house on Monday. He says Peavey denies disturbing the gravesite.

Disturbance of a burial site and abuse of a corpse are felonies.

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